Thursday, July 17, 2014

An Ancestor's Life on Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great place to chronicle an ancestor’s life. Recently I've been researching my Great-Grandmother, Hannah (Behnke) Dauber, and decided to create a Pinterest board with a timeline of her life. I started with her birth in Rehberg, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany, and included information about her parents and her family's immigration to America. Then I added her marriage to my Grandfather, Henry J. Dauber, in Cleveland, Ohio, and details about their children and their life in Cleveland. I ended with her untimely death at age 35. For many of the pins I uploaded family pictures. The rest were copies of records (after checking the terms of use), copyright free images or Creative Commons licensed photographs. I think it turned out great and love how visual it is.

Next I created a board for my Grandmother, Catherine Mary (Yeagle) DauberI did something different for her. Her lengthy obituary contained an amazing amount of organizations and events she was involved in during the course of her life. Using the obituary as a guide I chronicled almost all of them.

And for my husband’s Grandfather, Patrick John Kearney, I told the story of his life through pictures and words. There is a great family tale about how Patrick met his wife, Margaret Moroney, at a holy well in Castletown, County Limerick, Ireland. Using a variety of my own pictures and other found images I recreated his life.  The main focus is the story of Patrick and Margaret meeting.