Thursday, May 1, 2014

Using Pinterest for Genealogy

English: Red Pinterest logo
Are you visually oriented? Then Pinterest can be a great way to organize genealogy information. If you are a beginner getting started on Pinterest is easy. Check out Amy Lynn Andrews’ Pinterest Basics and then setup an account. If you already use Pinterest she has other helpful information you might like too.

However, before you start pinning read about copyright issues. The Legal Genealogist, Judy G. Russell, has a great blog post on Copyright, terms of use and Pinterest and Sara F. Hawkins’ Avoiding Copyright Pitfalls on Pinterest is helpful too. If you are curious about using images see Heather Wilkinson Rojo’s Pinterest, Ancestry and Copyrighted Images.

Once you have an account you can start creating boards. Valerie Elkins has a Top 12 Tips For Using Pinterest For Family History blog post that gives great advice. Tips 1 through 3 will get you started but remember your pins will show up in reverse order. That means your first pin will be at the bottom of your board and your latest pin at the top. You can move and rearrange your different pinboards on your home page. If the order of your pins matters either plan accordingly or read How to Rearrange Pins on Pinterest.

Not sure you are ready to start a public pinboard? Then start a secret board instead by clicking “Yes” to “Keep it secret?” when you create a board. For more information on secret boards see Tip 3 in GenealogyBank’s 3 Steps to Using Pinterest for Your Genealogy Interests

What kind of boards will you create?

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